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The term pseudoneglect refers to the natural tendency of shifting spatial attention to the left. The concept was introduced/evidenced by experimental findings regarding the line bisection task. In this task, participants are supposed to mark the middle of a horizontal line. On average, their deviations from the actual center of the line tend to be more to the left than to the right. In other visuo-spatial tasks, a similar bias to the left hemifield is apparent. Pseudoneglect shows similarities to impairments in patients suffering from a medial condition called hemispatial neglect. However, the effects of pseudoneglect are marginally small and mainly restricted to experimental settings in scientific labs.Pseudoneglect has been reported for left-handed as well as right-handed people. The bias to the left side is more pronounced in right-handers.

Posted on Jun 22, 2021.

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June 22nd 2021

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a hybrid discipline aimed at identifying the biologicalbases of cognitive processes by combining techniques forthe study of cognitive processes with measures of physiological processes.