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capacity capacity models / resource allocation models (of divided attention) cardiovascular system case study castration anxiety CAT(computed axial tomography) scans cataplexy catatonic schizophrenia categorisation catharsis cause and effect central core central nervous system (CNS) central tendency centration cerebellum cerebral cortex cerebral dominance cerebral hemispheres chaos theory charisma checklist child psychology child rearing styles chi-squared(x2) test of association chromosomes chromosomeabnormalities chronic schizophrenia chunk chunking circadian rhythm classical conditioning claustrophobia client-centred therapy clinicalinterview clinical psychologist clinical psychology closed questions closure CNS cocktail party effect codes of practice confidence cognition cognitive cognitive ability cognitiveappraisal theory cognitivebehavioural programmes cognitivebehavioural therapies cognitive development cognitive dissonance cognitive interview cognitive labellingtheory cognitive map cognitive model ofabnormality cognitiveneo-association theory cognitive neuroscience cognitive pathology cognitive processes cognitive psychology cognitive restructuring cognitive science cognitive therapy cohort collective unconscious collectivism collectivist society collectivistic cultures colour processing/vision ComfortableInterpersonal Distance Scale communityenvironmental design companionate love compensation competitive altruism complementarity compliance compulsion computerised axialtomograms (CAT) computerised imagingtechniques computed tomography (CT) concept(s) concordance concrete operationalperiod concurrent validity conditional positiveregard conditionedemotional response conditioned reinforcer conditioned response conditioned stimulus conditions for growth conditions of worth conditioning cones confederates confidentiality confirmation confirmation bias conformity confound confounding variable congruence conscience conscious consciousness consent conservation consequent control constant errors constructivetheories of perception construct validity contact hypothesis content analysis context-dependentforgetting contiguity contextual reinstatement contingency of reinforcement continuity continuous reinforcement contrast processing control(psychological) control group controlled(attentional) processing controls convenience sample convergent problem coping coprolalia corpus callosum correlation correlational analysis correlation coefficient cortex cortical activity corticosteroids counter balancing counter factual thinking counter transference co-variationmodel of attribution covariation principle Craik and Lockhart (1972) creativity criminal psychology crisis criterion critical period critical value cross cultural study cross sectional sample cross sectional study cross tolerance crowd crowding crystallisedintelligence cue-arousal theory cue-dependent coding cue-dependent forgetting cultural bias cultural identity cultural relativism culture culture-bound syndrome custom

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 a form of stereotyping and discrimination againstthe elderly.