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ablation abnormalbehaviour abnormalpsychology absent-mindedness absolutethreshold abstinencesyndrome abstract accessibility accommodation acetylcholine achievement motivation acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) action potential action slips activity theory actor/observer biases actualisation actualizingtendency adaptation addiction Adler (1870 adoption studies Adorno (1903-1969) adrenal glands adrenocorticotropichormone (ACTH) advertising aetiology affect affectionlesspsychopathy affectivedisorder afferent neurons affiliation ageism agency agency theory aggression agoraphobia AIDS aims alarmreaction alcoholism alpha/beta bias alpharhythm/waves altered statesof awareness alternative hypothesis altruism (animal) altruism (human) Alzheimer'sdisease ambiguous figure American Sign Language amnesia amphetaminedelusional disorder amygdala anal personality anally retentive anal stage analyticalpsychology analysis ofvariance (ANOVA) androcentrism androgens androgyny anger management animal language animal research animism anonymity anorexia nervosa ANS antagonist antagonistic antecedent control anterior pituitary anterogradeamnesia anthropomorphism anti-anxiety drug anti-conformity anti-depressants anti-inflammatory anti-social behaviour anti-socialpersonality disorder anti­psychotic drug anxiety anxiety disorders APA aphasia aphonia applications appraisal archetypes arousal artificialintelligence (AI) Asch effect assimilation association areas assumption Atkinson and Shiffrin (1968) Atkinson and Shiffrin model ofmemory attachment attachment theory attention attentiondeficit disorder (ADD) attenuatormodel of attention attitude attribution (of causality) attribution theory attributional biases audience effect auditory adaptation auditory cortex auditory fatigue autonomic conditioning (alsocalled 'learned operant control of autonomic responses') authoritarianpersonality autisticdisorder (autism) autokineticeffect automatic processing autonomic nervoussystem availability availability heuristic aversiontherapy aversive aversiveconditioning awareness axon

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