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 the portion of the central nervous system which lies within the skull, responsiblefor controlling a range of behaviours.  The brain is the centrepiece of the nervous system.  Neuroscientists haveidentified different areas of the brain.  These areas perform a range of differentfunctions.  The brain consists of three interconnected layers.  The centralcore, limbic system and cerebral cortex.

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June 14th 2021

Rogers (1902-1987)

 was one ofthe original founders of the humanistic perspective. His theories encompassedthe importance of unconditional and conditional positive regard in development of the 'selfconcept' and 'conditions of worth' set by others. His work has been applied to a rangeof domains, particularly in therapy through his development of'client-centred'(now class="d-title" named 'person-centred'therapy.