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pain management panic disorder paralinguistics parallel processing paranoia paranoidschizophrenia parapsychology parasympathetic nervoussystem parietal lobe Parkinson'sdisease parsimony partial reinforcement participant participantobservation participant variables paternal deprivation pathological pattern recognition Pavlovianconditioning peak experience peer peer group perception perceptual constancy perceptual defence perceptual development perceptualorganisation peripheral nervous system persecution personal space personality personality disorder personality inventory person-centredtherapy persuasion pervasive developmentdisorder (PDD) PET (positronemission tomography) scans phallic stage phantom limb phenomena phenomenological phenotype philosophy philosophy of mind philosophy of perception philosophy of science philosophical phobic disorders (phobias) phoneme phylogeny physical(physiological) dependence physiological physiologists Piaget (1896-1980) Piagetian Piliavin (1969) pituitary gland placebo placeboeffect pleasure principle pons population positive correlation positive regard positivereinforcement positive symptoms posthypnotic amnesia post-traumatic stressdisorder postsynaptic preconscious predictive validity prejudice presynaptic primacy effect primary carer primary prevention primary reinforcer priming pro-attitudinal behaviour probability procedural memory prognosis projection projectivetest pro-social behaviour protection ofparticipants proximal cause psyche psychiatrists psychoanalytic theory psychoanalysis psychodynamics psychodynamic approach psychological psychologicaldependence psychologicaldisorder physiological psychology psychologist psychology psychometric testing psychopath psychopharmacology psychophysics psychophysiology psychosis psychotic psychosocial psychosurgery psychotherapy psychosexualdevelopment public territory punishment

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 a form of stereotyping and discrimination againstthe elderly.